What This Grandmother is Learning From American Ninja Warriors

Josh didn't get the call this season, but he was one of the testers in Orlando.  So proud of his hard work!

Josh didn’t get the call this season, but he was one of the testers in Orlando. So proud of his hard work!

Please join me over at Redeemer Church today to hear some surprising things I’m learning from a place I never imagined.




If you are a regular reader, you know I’m going through a challenging time.  And over the past few days, my sadness has increased because of weighty trials some dear friends are walking through. I feel helpless. Void of anything meaningful to do or say to help them. (In fact, one attempt to help wasn’t helpful due to my insensitivity and poor timing.) Tempted to fear for future things.

Then last night at my Community Group someone asked if they could share their own struggles and battles with discouragement.  She didn’t have to be coerced to open up, but volunteered to.  As I watched her humility and the group’s tender care for her, I was aware we were in the presence of our loving, gentle, caring Father.  I watched Him incarnate Himself through a group of flawed, broken people who simply wanted to love a friend. She left encouraged and hopeful.

I did, too. It was edifying and helpful to hear the loving questions and compassionate counsel she received.  The care she received washed over onto me.

Then this morning, someone at the meeting sent me a link (below) to a song I had never heard.

Are you hurting for yourself or someone you love today? Are you experiencing heart-wrenching trials? Is someone you love hurting so badly that only the help of THE Comforter and Wonderful Counselor will suffice?

Listen to this.


He is faithful.  There is hope.  SO grateful.

I’m also grateful for those of you who visit here.  Thanks for giving me a place where I can both gush about my grandchildren and admit I’m hurting.

And if you think of our dear friends who are hurting this week, please say a prayer. God knows their situation and will lead you. Thank you!