When Emotions Rule Rather than Serve

I’m an emotional person.  Ask anyone who knows me.  🙂

But emotions aren’t meant to rule us…and they’re certainly not meant to be a gospel substitute in our lives.  But this can and does happen!

What do I mean by this?  You can find out here.

A Guy Named Jared and Me are a lot Alike

Over at Redeemer Church we’re starting a blog series on really good things that can subtly and slowly become God-substitutes in our lives.  It happened to me and a guy named Jared (not his real name).

When attending church meetings and serving people there starts to replace our personal relationship with the One who saved us to make us a part of the family of God, we’re in danger.

You can read more here.

And thanks to those of you who are my regular readers who are making the trip over to the Redeemer Church blog.  I appreciate you more than I can express!

Lessons from Leopold…and Paul

I’m re-asking myself some hard questions about how my life is affected by technology in both good and not-so-good ways.  And guess who’s helping me?  Hugh Jackman.  Oh, and the Apostle Paul.

Yes, I’m being serious.  Read the whole story here.

Have a great weekend!


Why Can’t My Phone Understand Me????

I’m over at Redeemer Church today talking about a miscommunication between me and my phone.

I was so excited when I found out that I could press a button, talk into my phone, and have it type for me! What an amazing convenience!

I quickly learned, though, that my phone isn’t all that “smart.” How in the world could it think I would actually send someone a text that said, “I’m hey you to pick her up so reassure key lock is hopping for me” when I told it to type, “I’m heading out to pick her up so can you make sure Kayla is looking out for me?”

Wow.  If this can happen between me and a phone it’s no surprise that it also happens between me and real people.

Join me here to see if you know what I mean.