Useless Bonfires and the Enemy Within

Paul is worried about his teenage son who spends gobs of time playing violent video games and views who-knows-what on his web connected smart phone. And then there’s his barely teen daughter. Her boy craziness results in Paul feeling powerless to protect her from “Hot or Not?”-like sites and Instagram and snap chats and Facebook where she’s utterly unaccountable to him or anyone for her contact with her bazillion “friends” – many of whom he knows are guys just like he was as a teen.

Do you, like Paul, worry about the influence of technology in your kids lives?

Me, too.  You can read more about this here.

(A Little of) What I Learned in Thirty Years of Homeschooling

I started on a journey in 1983 that led me much farther down the path than I anticipated. Homeschooling my kids was the most challenging, exhausting and wonderful thing I did for three decades.  You can read more about this over at Redeemer Church.



The Myth of Multi Tasking

My blog over at Redeemer today is about a myth I’ve believed for decades and how God is exposing it in my life!

You can join me here.

I know bloggers are always saying they want feedback. But I really do want to hear your thoughts on this.  Would you mind commenting on the post after you read it?  It will help me to formulate some clearer (and better) thoughts for further musing and perhaps blogging.

Thank you!

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A New Young Friend and the Old, Old Story

I often forget to let you know about what I’m doing over at the Redeemer Church blog but today I remembered.

Last week Benny and I had coffee with a young couple and left shaking our heads.  It was one of those moments when we realized we had just observed God in action — taught a powerful lesson — by a couple of twenty-somethings.

You can read more here.

Many blessings to you and yours in 2015!  I will be doing more blogging this year than last, and appreciate your patience and support.