What’s a First-Responder Church and How Can I be in One?

Yesterday over at Redeemer Church I talked about how to care for the hurting by becoming a first-responder.

But because biblical Christianity is meant to be lived out in community, how can you and I become a part of a first-responder church?  The answer has come as sort of a surprise to me.

Join me here to read about a church I’m a part of where people inspire me to rush toward, not away from, sufferers.

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Am I a First-Responder?

Over at Redeemer Church I’m blogging today and tomorrow about how to respond when people I know are going through hard times.


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During a lengthy trial in my life and family some years ago, people were understandably confused about whether to reach out or not. “Others are caring for her,” they assumed. And some were. But suffering (especially when it comes on suddenly) often leads to even the most well-meaning among us to become paralyzed to inaction. I remember the first-responders who showed up at my door during those awful weeks and months, but I also remember the notes, voicemails and hugs from those who just said, “I’m thinking about you.”

I want to be a first-responder.  Do you?  You can read more here.



Boring Obedience

I’ve walked through huge trials like loss, death and sudden suffering with surprising strength from God.  But I often struggle with responding in prickly ways to things like my dogs barking and waking up a grandchild!

Can you relate?

Come on over to Redeemer Church and read the rest of my story.



When Mother’s Day Just Isn’t Happy

Sunday is a special day for many women — a day full of warmth and joy.  But for other women it’s a reminder of loss, estrangement, disappointment or pain.

And it’s often hard to admit in the midst of all the flowers and cards.

Read more about my story and the story of man others here.



More on Metacommunication

Last week I shared the first part in a series on metacommunication: non-verbal cues we send and receive that makes communicating with others messy.

Today I’d like you to meet Cara and Kelly, roommates that communicate with far more than words.  Little things like Kelly’s set jaw and Cara forgetting to turn down the loud music communicate things.  Is this intentional or unintentional?  Are these friends correctly or incorrectly understanding one another?  How will they ever know?

Read more here.



Metacommunication: I’d Never Heard of it Until Recently and I do it All the Time!

Benny and I have recently learned something new after 42 years of marriage.  It affects us…and every relationship I have!  How did I miss this for so many years?

You can read more about this in a series I’m starting over at Redeemer Church.  You may be as surprised by this as I was!

Join me over there by clicking here.



Just Confess It!

Recently a blogger uttered the heart-pounding words, “Just Stop It!” when referring to sexual sin.  But many can’t just stop.  But they can confess.

You can read how a personal experience taught me this here.



No Perfect Families…Or Churches

Our large family recent went on a vacation together; nearly 30 of us in the same house for a week.  It was loads of fun.  But there were also challenges.

Our church family goes through fun and hard times together, too.  Just like yours.

You can read about my experience and how God used our vacation to point me to some real life stuff in our church here.

The Crushing of the Unborn

I don’t frequently post things from other blogs here but this post was a can’t-resist.

No matter what you think about abortion on demand, the release of the 7th and 8th videos involving Planned Parenthood’s selling of unborn baby body parts has our country on edge.  And for those of us who believe every precious life, born and unborn, is created in the image of the One who made him or her we are especially reeling.

Psalm 10 isn’t about abortion.  But its application to what has happened and is happening every single day to unwanted, unborn babies is startling.  At Redeemer Church a few weeks back this application was made.  I haven’t been so shaken by a sermon is a really long time.

You can read the blog post, and find a link to the message if you desire, here.

What This Grandmother is Learning From American Ninja Warriors

Josh didn't get the call this season, but he was one of the testers in Orlando.  So proud of his hard work!

Josh didn’t get the call this season, but he was one of the testers in Orlando. So proud of his hard work!

Please join me over at Redeemer Church today to hear some surprising things I’m learning from a place I never imagined.