What’s a First-Responder Church and How Can I be in One?

Yesterday over at Redeemer Church I talked about how to care for the hurting by becoming a first-responder.

But because biblical Christianity is meant to be lived out in community, how can you and I become a part of a first-responder church?  The answer has come as sort of a surprise to me.

Join me here to read about a church I’m a part of where people inspire me to rush toward, not away from, sufferers.

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Am I a First-Responder?

Over at Redeemer Church I’m blogging today and tomorrow about how to respond when people I know are going through hard times.


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During a lengthy trial in my life and family some years ago, people were understandably confused about whether to reach out or not. “Others are caring for her,” they assumed. And some were. But suffering (especially when it comes on suddenly) often leads to even the most well-meaning among us to become paralyzed to inaction. I remember the first-responders who showed up at my door during those awful weeks and months, but I also remember the notes, voicemails and hugs from those who just said, “I’m thinking about you.”

I want to be a first-responder.  Do you?  You can read more here.