Need Real Help Teaching Your Kids to Get Along? Look no further!

Having six kids in eleven years (then adopting our last five years later) explains a big reason why I responded to reader requests for a series on sibling relationships!

The most helpful, practical and biblical resource I found to help my children understand conflict was The Young Peacemaker by Corlette Sande. Her husband, Ken, had written The Peacemaker for adults. Corlette took the life altering principles and practical tools I learned from her husband — ones that had a profound affect on my marriage, family relationships and friendships — and made them kid-friendly! I was beyond excited.

Nearly twenty years ago I worked through her book (and the accompany parent’s manual) with Jesse, Joey, Janelle and Jake. (Sadly, it wasn’t available when Josh and Jaime were young.) I genuinely believe this book provided a foundation on which my children are building to this day. It’s designed for ages 8-12 but can be easily adapted for younger and older children.

Just ask one of my kids what the slippery slope is and they’ll remember….

The curriculum comes with an Activity Book for kids.  The comic-book style is engaging and I would sometimes find one of the kids reading it just for fun.

The thing I most loved about this was the stories. Using real-life situations, the author made the principles applicable not just to my kids but also to me!

You can find this excellent material in various places, but if you use Amazon you can find it here.  This set includes the teacher’s manual and a CD with reproducible student activity sheets for all twelve lessons.

Have a wonderful weekend…and we’ll be back next week to close out this series.