Feminism and the Stay at Home Mom

I read a blog post over at Christ and Pop Culture that stirred my heart and got me thinking about a conversation with a work supervisor over 35 years ago where she warned me not to “waste” my life on stay at home motherhood.

Here's my daughter Jaime with her littles.  This picture makes me smile as I remember my crazy, wonderful life as a mom.

Here’s my daughter Jaime with her littles. This picture makes me smile as I remember my crazy, wonderful life as a mom.

I didn’t heed her warning because I had and made a choice.  A choice I’ve never regretted.  Well, except for the day I laid my head on the steering wheel and sobbed because I felt trapped by whining and missing shoes and newborn throw up just as I was walking out the door to church.

You can read the post here.

And by the way, thanks for staying with me in the transition of doing my blogging at another spot.  The fact that people want to read what I write is humbling and I appreciate you, my regular readers.




A Testimony I Hope You Won’t Forget

I cried my way through the post I’m about to share with you.

I cried because of the raw honesty.

I cried because my own heart was being pricked with fresh conviction.

I cried because hope stirred in my heart.

I cried because the author is my daughter; the mother of two of my grandsons.

I cried because the gospel is on display.

Please join me over at Redeemer Church to read one of the most honest blog posts you may ever read.  You can find it here.

Burning the Flag in our Hearts

I’m still processing everything with Charleston.  My heart is grieved, confused and anxious.    But reading these words brought a strange mixture of hope and perplexity.

Confederate_FlagWe don’t have to agree on what should be done.  But we need to engage in this process because it reflects and affects us all.

Flag burning is an unlikely solution because, after all, we can’t burn the past away.  But can we burn it in our hearts?  Can we say no to what it represents, not to all but to many? Can we lay aside our personal opinions and elevate the pain and reminders to others as more important?

I would honestly like to know what you think about what you’ll read here.

A Girl and Her Mean Tetherball Swing

My friend Heather recently sent me this pic of her girls discovering the game of tetherball.

My friend Heather recently sent me this pic of her girls discovering the game of tetherball.

The only sport I was good at was one that required good eye-hand coordination and not much else.  So I was the kid to beat at tetherball.

Over the years I’ve reflected on my “tetherball career.” Perhaps I’ve gotten better and even less beatable in the 50 years since I lived off Greenbelt Road. And maybe that mean neighborhood boy wasn’t as mean and snooty as I remember. But what’s real clear in my mind is what I learned from playing tetherball.

Join me for the story here.

A Gun and the Summer of ’74

I’ve been thinking about something that happened to me over 40 years ago when I was working for a friend of my parents at a small motel in northern Virginia….

A young guy about age 20 walked into the lobby and asked for a job application. I explained we weren’t hiring, so he said he wanted a pack of Marlboros. I walked over behind the counter, handed him the cigarettes and told him that would be 50 cents. (Yes, you read that right.) He produced a $1 bill and when I opened the drawer to get change he told me he wanted all the money. I looked up and saw a small gun cradled near his left elbow as his arm rested on the counter.

You can read the rest of the story over at Redeemer Church here.

Justice and Race

Last week The Gospel Coalition had their conference near my home in Orlando.  For the second year in a row I had to leave halfway through the first day to welcome a new grandchild into our family — a small price to pay for missing the conference.  But I’m going to wait several months before I register for next year.  🙂

There were a lot of meaty things discussed at this conference.  My son Joey talks about one of them here.

A really important one.

When Church Hurts

I know most of my readers are church folks.  And anyone who’s been a part of a church for very long knows that eventually hurtful things happen in a place that is assumed safe and caring.  Why?  Because everyone in the church is flawed, broken and in need of the same transformation as you and me.

As a pastor’s wife of 40 years I have experienced what one man calls both “the beauty and the brokenness of the church.”  Sometimes the brokenness comes for the unexpected reason that we Christians too often and too quickly think we get things “right.”

You can read more of my story here.

It’s an honest story.  A sad story.  But a story where I hope you’ll see redemption and hope.

Because my story, like yours, includes God.

I would love to hear your feedback on this one.

Why June Cleaver Isn’t the Model for Godly Womanhood

Over at Redeemer Church we’re doing a series on Compassionate Complementarianism.  My first post in the series (that defines what that long word means for those who aren’t familiar) is below.  Today Jake talks about a couple of myths and misconceptions about this issue, including the truth that June Cleaver isn’t my role model.  Whew.

If you don’t know who June is that means you’re way younger than me. But suffice to say, she was a perky mom who always dressed nice (including pearls even when she cleaned and cooked) and had perfect hair, a perfect house and cooked perfect meals.  Oh, and really obedient sons.

You can read more about her – and other misconceptions about God’s call on men and women –  here.

Compassionate Complementarianism: Or Who Should Take out the Trash?

Male female graphicAs Christians, we want to embrace biblical truth and make it “look right” in our homes, friendship and workplaces.  But what happens when gender roles become the focus rather than compassionate, humble love?

Over at Redeemer Church we’re starting a new blog series today that talks about stuff like this.  You can read my first post here.

Enjoy your day!