More on Metacommunication

Last week I shared the first part in a series on metacommunication: non-verbal cues we send and receive that makes communicating with others messy.

Today I’d like you to meet Cara and Kelly, roommates that communicate with far more than words.  Little things like Kelly’s set jaw and Cara forgetting to turn down the loud music communicate things.  Is this intentional or unintentional?  Are these friends correctly or incorrectly understanding one another?  How will they ever know?

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Why Can’t My Phone Understand Me????

I’m over at Redeemer Church today talking about a miscommunication between me and my phone.

I was so excited when I found out that I could press a button, talk into my phone, and have it type for me! What an amazing convenience!

I quickly learned, though, that my phone isn’t all that “smart.” How in the world could it think I would actually send someone a text that said, “I’m hey you to pick her up so reassure key lock is hopping for me” when I told it to type, “I’m heading out to pick her up so can you make sure Kayla is looking out for me?”

Wow.  If this can happen between me and a phone it’s no surprise that it also happens between me and real people.

Join me here to see if you know what I mean.