The Many Dangers of Porn


Just the word itself can bring a pit into the stomach of many women. I’ve talked to woman after woman whose lives have been invaded and infected by the sickly ravages of a son or husband whose exploration turned into addiction.

And I’ve also talked to women who have become in bondage to it themselves.

It’s just a click away, but click after horrific click and soon the fires of lust and objectification of women spit damaging and utterly painful sparks into the hearts of husbands and wives, mothers and children, brothers and sisters, friends, churches, extended families.

Today The Gospel Coalition published a blog written by two of my sons on one of the many ways the cancer of porn is infecting lives through wrong thinking and wrong choices. If you have been victimized by porn this may be a hard read that will likely remind you of painful things. But there’s a throne of grace on which a God of mercy and compassion sits eagerly waiting for you to run to Him for help. There He will remind you that your husband or wife or son or daughter didn’t turn to porn because of anything you did or didn’t do; they did so because of some reason in their own heart for which you have no responsibility. They, too, have a waiting Savior eager to forgive and restore.

I know that most of my readers are women. I’m asking you to read this for your own sake and for the sake of your current or future sons and daughters. Porn has become so normal; so accessible; so easy to hide that it’s likely that your life and family are being or will be singed by it.

Jake and Joey’s blog ends with these powerful words of hope so while the read may be hard, the hope will be shouted:

“Any repentant Christian can find security in the knowledge that the bondage of sin is no match for the unfathomable and impartial mercy of God. And therein lies the solution for all.”

You can get to the blog by clicking here.

Happy Thanksgiving and many blessings to you and yours this holiday season!