Going Through Tough Times…Together

In recent months I’ve become aware of numerous marriages going through hard times. Perhaps my eyes and ears have been more attentive because Benny and I have been walking through some challenges ourselves. If you or someone you know is feeling alone in their marital struggles I pray this honest and gripping song by Steven Curtis Chapman, a man whose songs have ministered to me for many years, will bring comfort and hope.



2 thoughts on “Going Through Tough Times…Together

  1. Sheree,

    What an encouraging song!

    There are hard times in all of our marriages (even after 38 years for us!) but what is scaring me these days is how many Christian couples are heading down the route of divorce.

    Keep at the hard and rewarding work of marriage! Love to you and Benny,


    • It’s always good to hear from you Colleen. Yes, it’s been hard to hear of marriages ending; it’s especially hard to watch decades of life together come to a sad end. I wonder if our culture’s attitude of entitlement is bleeding into even longterm marriages? I certainly struggle with my own self-centeredness! But when marriage becomes first and foremost about what I need and want it, like any relationship, is doomed don’t you think?

      By God’s grace Benny and I will keep working hard. Thanks for the encouragement!

      Warmly, Sheree

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