What’s Coming Up?

I don’t usually plan ahead much on my blog for several reasons. But for the next couple of weeks I’ve got some things planned I’m excited about…

Next week

Those of you who have been around this blog for awhile know that I have occasionally asked my kids to contribute. Next week three of my sons will be posting. I’ve read a couple of their blogs and…well…I will be reading them again. They’re young and say things in a different way than Mom. And they have some opinions and concerns on contemporary issues that will spice things up here. Whether you’re married or single, have kids or don’t, I think their perspectives will provoke your thoughts (and likely some disagreement). Next week will be a great one for you to post comments — and they will respond to each one.

Upcoming Series

Beginning a week from Monday I am beginning a series on “Secret Struggles Women Don’t Talk About.” In my personal life and ministry to women for nearly four decades — and now in my own growing family that includes lots of big and little girls — there are things we commonly just don’t want or like to talk about.  Things like temptations to greed or lust; struggles in our marriage (especially certain kinds of struggles); unplanned pregnancy (we’re supposed to be happy about every one, right?); menopause yukkiness; inferiority over not being “like” that amazing woman you know who does everything…well; shame over sins committed by or against us; longings for closeness to people that seem to go consistently unfulfilled; hidden and confusing same sex attraction.

If you’re not a woman, I hope you won’t check out of this series. I love that guys frequent my blog and each of you know women. Understanding our struggles — especially those we can’t or don’t know how to talk about — may help you to care for and understand the ladies in your life.

Thanks to each of you who come here! I don’t take for granted the time you take to visit. I especially love connecting with you through comments or questions so please bring them!

Have a great weekend!

What are your thoughts?

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