Happy Friday

I’m sitting here at my “desk” (a large, comfy chair with an ottoman that holds my books, journal, phone and other random stuff) looking out the window of my back yard. The sun is shining, worship music is playing as I write, a woodpecker is checking out a tree and the bird feeder hanging there, and the woods behind my house are begging me to come outside to see if the cows I sometimes here mooing in the distance will greet me this morning.

At times like this I feel like I’m in the eye of a storm. Life is swirling around me, yet something about sitting here at my desk and admiring the world around me brings peace.

My life is just like yours. It’s busy and full. Weighty concerns about my family and friends pull at my heart. Normal life lures me to set aside my morning quiet time to get started on laundry or scrubbing or watering my plants.

But here I sit.

This morning I’m aware of the amount of God’s grace that is required to sustain me. To give me wisdom to deal with the worries that rush into my heart and mind when I’m not occupied with other things. To comfort me when sadness about the “woulda”, “coulda”, “shoulda’s” of my life tempt me to put more weight on human choices and decisions than on God’s power to “work all things together for good.” To correct my thinking when I’m believing lies rather than truths. To lighten my heart and make me smile over tomatoes inching closer to ripeness when much more important things are looming in my life.

I think I’m going to stop now and take a walk with my dog. I have lots on my plate today — including welcoming four little people to spend some time with Granma and making dinner for dear friends coming tonight. But God is trying to teach me something about looking for peace in the midst of the hectic life most of us live these days. I’m going to leave my phone at home and take some bread to attract turtles in the lake near my house.

Is there something you can do today to find peace in your full life? Take a walk; sit outside for lunch; take a nap; cuddle up for even a short read of the book you’ve been trying to get to; or just sit and rehearse how blessed you are, even though hard or confusing things are happening in your life.

Happy Friday.

5 thoughts on “Happy Friday

  1. Love it! I definitely don’t do nearly enough of this. I always feel guilty when I do nothing until I finally collapse in front of the telly. Thanks for inspiring me today. πŸ™‚

  2. I really struggle to sit still and be in the moment. If such a thing can be hereditry I blame my father πŸ˜‰ Perhaps a ‘brain dumping’ session is in order to record everything then allow my brain to let go.

  3. For me, right now, those moments come daily with a baby to cherish. I believe whole heartedly in enjoying our children, and since she’s tiny and she gets held so much, I slow down every day to just hold her. I’ve got big kids running around and I realize now that these days are so short! Thank you for this lovely post.

  4. I LOVE how you always blog in a way that EVERYONE can relate! You recognize and display that even though our circumstances are all different and unique on the outside…The degree of which we might individually struggle or be pulled and worn out from life’s trials varies greatly…We ALL still experience ups and downs. We ALL still need Christ. And only Christ should be elevated to a status of perfection, righteousness, holiness undeserving of the life He walked on this earth. My favorite quote from this post was “My life is just like yours. It’s busy and full. Weighty concerns about my family and friends pull at my heart.” – it show humility, transparency and connects the reader with you from your viewpoint in life and there’s, even though the circumstances look different on the outside! ❀

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