40 Years

Today I’m thinking about over four decades with a blonde I met in high school. ¬†Sometimes bloggers think people really want to hear about their personal life, but don’t most of us miss the sappy details and just want the writer to get to the point?

Well, the point of this post is that marriage is worth the hard work.

Tonight Benny and I will enjoy a part planned by our kids to celebrate 40 years together. It’s been a long ride. There have been times when I’m sure we both wondered what in the world we got into. When disappointment, selfishness, taking each other for granted or anger resulted in a quiet and painful evening that turned into days of sadness that lingered much longer than it should have. When differences in how we parent or spend money or think time should be used tempted us to elevate personal preferences to the point of thinking the other was unloving for just being different. When love had to be a decision rather than a feeling in order to last through the challenges we faced.

Today I just want to thank God for His goodness and faithfulness. Working hard is tiring. But, Lord, You have poured out strength when we had none. Brought hope when it seemed like things wouldn’t change (and even though some things haven’t, we can now laugh at what used to be so important).

More of our marriage is behind us than is before us. We have more conversations these days hoping we’ll die together instead of one of us being left alone. There will be more hard work ahead — but today I’m sitting here basking in God’s grace and thinking of all the things I still love about my man.

I am blessed. IMG_1966