A Consignment Sale Reminder

Yesterday I went to a consignment sale held in a huge room full of toys, clothes and baby items. The only things that are accepted in this wonderful sale are clean, gently used items in good condition that have all the pieces. It was fun to shop with my daughter, Janelle, who is expecting her first baby — my twelfth grandchild. I found a beautiful high chair to add to my collection for visiting grandchildren for a fraction of the cost of new!

As I picked up each item I was mostly impressed with the condition and prices. But once I found the items I was mainly looking for, I found myself noticing little things that didn’t point to necessarily gentle use.  Toward the end of my shopping time I realized that I was unfairly evaluating some of the items. They were, in fact, used!

When I left I found myself thinking about being “gently used” and “in good condition.” I smiled to myself as I was driving home. I’m grateful that I don’t typically feel like I have to clean myself up to make a good impression on people. Most of the people in my life are more than gracious to overlook the smudges, wrinkles and dings about me. Or to recognize that they, too, are flawed. But sometimes I’ve felt that my good condition just hasn’t been good enough for some. Have you?

As a Christian, it’s wonderful to know that God’s evaluation of me is through the lens of His Son’s perfect obedience. When Jesus Christ died on the cross He absorbed every sin and flaw about me and then granted to me His righteous life. Yes, I still sin. And ask anyone who knows me: I’m flawed!

While I care about what others think and want to live with them in mind (like Jesus did), I am incapable of never hurting or disappointing others. When I do, I want to take responsibility for messing up and ask forgiveness when appropriate. But even in my most flawed state when anger or bitterness or jealousy or lust or selfishness is knocking on the door of my heart and mind — and even when I give in and outright sin — Jesus stands eager to remind me that nothing can separate me from His love and His favor is never withdrawn from me. He loves repentant sinners, before and after we sin. How amazing.

He knows I’m gently used and because of His sacrifice on the cross and resurrection from the grave, I’m in good condition. What a thought!

If you, like me, struggle with craving the approval of others and wish people didn’t pick you up and notice your every flaw, consider Jesus. If you belong to Him your flaws and smudges are just reminders that you have the marks of being in a fallen world on your life.

But Jesus already paid the price to buy you for His very own. I would never have been clean enough to earn His love and favor.

Gently or not-so-gently used. In good or bad condition. Broken. Dented. Dirty. Tossed aside we come.

And He buys us anyway.

11 thoughts on “A Consignment Sale Reminder

        • Actually, Genae (love your name!), doing the UBC has had an interesting affect on me. Writing more consistently has left me “seeing” things in a cool and unusual way since my ears and eyes are alert to what’s going on in and around me. I honestly think that because my blog is a pretty personal one, knowing I’ll be writing more perks my thoughts, if that makes sense?

          Thanks for visiting and commenting!

  1. Did you buy my wooden high chair? It was sad putting it in my car thinking about when I bought it while expecting Mia 10 years ago, but fun thinking about all those new little messy meals that will be on it from a different family. I’m glad that it will get some use in another family!
    I’ve been looking at used furniture lately trying to find a project for recovering. It’s amazing how I consider things that in the past I would have not given a seconds look to because they’re so beat up. I love the thought that God looks at us like those pieces. He sees the beauty beyond all the scratches, dings, torn upholstery and sharpie marker across our surface and sees the potential that can be there with a little work. What a lovely way to think about ourselves or others! 🙂

    • I bought the Eddie Bauer one with the plastic tray. Was that yours? How fun to think about that, if so.

      Yes, thinking about my blog thoughts over the past day has been so refreshing. I’ve even thought of something else I’ll be posting for tomorrow….

      Thanks for commenting. I love the feedback!

  2. I enjoyed this insightful and encouraging post. Some days, we may feel gently used. Other days, we may feel all used up. God is able.

    Gonna go LIKE your FB page. 😉
    Just made one for my Heart of a Ready Writer – Bible blog.

    Glad to find you. Visiting from the Ultimate Blog Challenge. We’re on the home-stretch for April!

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