Looking for a Good Parenting Book?

People regularly ask Benny and me for book recommendations on parenting. Since I’ve been blogging on motherhood, I asked my husband to provide a recommendation on a book by Elyse Fitzpatrick and her daughter, Jessica Thompson, called Give Them Grace.

Here are his thoughts:

Too many parents think of raising kids as a list of rules for both parents and children to follow.  Good parenting automatically equals good kids while bad parenting results in bad kids, right? No. Parenting is dependent on many factors and the biggest one is showing our kids what God’s love and leadership is like by looking at us. This is no small task to be done by flawed adults.
And face it, non-Christians can raise good kids. As Christians, though, we want our parenting to be different. In the opening of Elyse and Jessica’s book they ask, “Is there something that would make a Christian (parents) response distinctly Christian?”
This excellent book helps parents to distinguish the difference between “good” parenting and parenting that is God-centered.  There is a clear message of grace that is compelling and helps the parent to know what transferring that grace to our children looks like.  After laying a solid foundation of gospel grace early in the book, chapters 5 and 6 give clear and insightful direction on how to apply that grace in parenting.  Chapters 5 and 6, in my estimation, are worth the price of the book many times over.
The entire book is encouraging, faith building, practical, thoughtful, and puts the proclamation and demonstration of the gospel at the center of our parenting. It’s unique in that it’s written by a mother-daughter team.  Elyse’s experience and Jessica’s normal life examples (often about her mistakes and how God is helping her to overcome them) makes this an excellent read.
You can find the book on Amazon here.
Have a great weekend!
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