Blog Pause

It’s a crazy time.

  • Jaime (my daughter) and her husband are packing to move their family and I get to help her clean and watch the kids this weekend.
  • Josh (my oldest) and his wife are unexpectedly showing their house this weekend to a family member of a neighbor and I get to stage their house, something I love doing!
  • We close on our current and new houses at the end of the month and I haven’t yet packed a box.
  • And I’m fatigued from adjustments to a brand new way of eating due to recent tests that reveal a needed gluten-free, dairy-free and lots of other things-free lifestyle. After three weeks I just want a cheeseburger and a chocolate shake!

So I’m taking the week off of blogging to help some of my people get to Lake Nona and pour through cookbooks and blogs to find things I can eat that won’t gag Benny and Julia (or me, for that matter).

Plus, I’m wanting to pause over the things I’ve been writing about to do a heart check.  Am I robustly applying myself to the truths I’ve been communicating? Are there people about whom I am harboring self-righteous judgments or attitudes of superiority? Are there any logs protruding from my eye? Or specks in the eyes of others that my self-protection has excused me from gently and lovingly removing?

See you next week!


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