Happy First Birthday, Little Blog

I started this blog last January. Hard to believe it’s been almost a year! A special thank you to those of you who visited here over the year. It’s humbling to know people out there actually read what I write. This blog was started primarily to put things into words for my grandchildren; things that are important to me from which I hope they benefit someday when they find the book(s) I’ll have printed with all the posts from each year. They’ll read about their Granma’s struggles, temptations, sins, passions, quirks and not-so-funny sometimes sense of humor (I laugh at myself way more than people laugh with me). And they’ll see pictures I took, mostly of them.

But it was for you, too. I wanted to create a blog where people who happen upon it would feel included in my crazy, wonderful life; a place where real life isn’t shrouded in always-pretty unreality. One of the things I have most appreciated is readers telling me I’m “real”. As Brad Paisley says, “I’m cooler on the internet” because I can be whoever I want people to think I am.

I am who you read about here. An aging grandmother whose kids mock far more than she deserves but whose grandchildren think is pretty awesome. A formerly infertile woman who calls family My People because they’re people and they’re amazingly, miraculously and adoringly mine. A wife who has been in deeply in love with the same cute man for over four decades of driving each other crazy at times. A pastor’s wife who loves it when people visit our church and sometimes don’t find out that’s my role until weeks later because I’m holding someone’s baby or helping roll up sound equipment cords along with everyone else. (That’s what happens when your husband starts a new all-hands-on-deck church when you’re old.) A flawed, weak Christian who is finding increasing joy in being honest about my struggles because there’s no shame in being the object of the forgiveness and grace the glorious gospel makes possible for sinners.

Please know that I pray for you. I love your comments and pray when the Holy Spirit squeezes my heart due to something through which you are walking that requires comfort or wisdom. That’s the great thing about little blogs like mine. While I’m happy when the hits are up because I know people were helped through a particular post (although several of the most popular posts were written by my kids!), I know this blog will likely remain small. That’s probably a good thing since the “real” me is probably a little more than some people could handle.  I’m glad you can.

Next week will be a light week and I’ll use it to finish up my series on people who have inspired me. I want to take a look at the last year and share mini-testimonies of those whose lives have affected mine in 2012. A couple of my regular readers will be in that list and I can’t wait to surprise you with how your life is making a difference. And during early January I want to share some of my favorite pix of My People. I know many of you probably skip those posts but, after all, they need to be in the book the Little People will find someday.

If you’re as busy as I am trying to finish prep for Christmas, I pray that you’ll join me in realizing it might not all get done. What will happen is the birth of our Savior will be celebrated Tuesday morning and the whole world — even those who don’t know Him — will incarnate the One who “so loved the world that He gave His one and only Son, that whoever believes in Him would have eternal life” by sharing gifts with those we love.

Merry Christmas!