Recent Photo Favs

I’m taking a break from the sibling series to share some of my favorite family photos over the last month or so. Thanks to those of you who have mentioned enjoying seeing pics of My People. For those who aren’t interested, I understand. Smile. I’ll be back Monday to continue the series so you can certainly skip out today.

My interest in photography is longstanding…but there’s not much you can do with a $50 Walmart camera. Last January my savings built up enough to get my first nice camera.  I’ve been clicking since. It’s the first time I’ve had a hobby other than making and raising babies.

And my kids will have better shots of their kids than I did.

My new girl, Rebekah, is one of the most feminine women I know. Imagine what she deals with living with Jesse and Sam, Issac and Josiah! See Issac’s arm around his brother’s shoulder? Well, a couple of months back he was body slamming that brother onto our vacation house floor.

Sarah and Jake have known each other since she was fourteen. But somewhere along the way she grew up.  And he noticed.

Her hair is making this one famous. Sometimes Ellie runs the other way when she sees my camera. But when she doesn’t, I can’t wait to download the pics onto my computer.They are each so different — and she’s our curly girl.

I wish I had room to put pics of each of My People but this is one of my favs of Annie (Jaime and PJ’s third). She perks up every time she sees my camera. Her eyes express her personality: warm and spunky.

She was the first to call me Granma. It’s humbling that her eyes still light up when she sees me. Recently she promised me she would still snuggle with me on the family room recliner and hold hands with me in public when she’s a teen.  I believe her.

If you have sons you probably know all about competition. Mine are still competing. It’s okay. They competed over their SAT scores to get college scholarships. I’ll let them comment on who won.

Elsie (left) and Ellie are Josh and Rachel’s girls. I admit I have lots of pictures of Ellie. These little girls love each other one minute then fight the next. But their parents are doing a wonderful job teaching them to treat each other kindly. I hope they’re besties when they grow up.

This is Joey’s first and only, Amelia. We have all promised Lauren they’ll have one who looks like her. She’s talking up a storm but my favorite thing about her is how she runs to greet her family members, even if it’s been only minutes since she saw us. Benny would want you to know that among the Phillip’s, Papa is her favorite.

Joey and Lauren…and the perfect pumpkin!
Josh and his oldest, JJ, were in a “find the candy in the whipped cream” competition at a recent family birthday party. Guess who won?
Jesse and Rebekah sacrificed substantially to serve our state politically over the past two years. Jesse invited me to tag along with him as his photographer at a few of his speaking engagements. I got to watch and learn from him. One proud mother.
I love using my zoom lens to sneak up on the kids to snap shots when they’re not looking. This is Jaime and PJ’s youngest, Danae. Such a doll.
This scene happens a lot at Papa and Granma’s. They laugh, argue, and hurt each other’s feelings. But as soon as one walks in the door the first thing they say is, “Where’s my cousins???” They melt my heart…and are wonderful photography subjects!
Have a nice weekend!

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