More on the In-Law Series Next Week

It seems like the in-law series is hitting a chord for some so I will be continuing it next week. It’s good timing for me. In the last two weeks I learned that Benny’s mom will be moving to live with us. How amazing that in the middle of a blog series in in-law relationships the decision was made to bring my own aging mother-in-law into our home! We’ve been anticipating her moving from out-of-state back to Orlando so we can care for her, but we thought it was a couple of years down the road.

Rather than share the remaining three lessons I’m learning about being a mother-in-law to my five (so far) New Kids today, I will save that for Tuesday. I’m grateful for the young women who have asked, “What about us?” I’ll be spending Tuesday through Friday next week sharing some thoughts for those of you who are or could soon be daughters-in-law.

Have a wonderful weekend!

P.S. I’m delaying continuing the series until Tuesday so I can introduce you to a special little girl you’ll meet on Monday.

What are your thoughts?

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