Just Wanna Say Thanks…That’s All

Writing use to be a pretty big part of my life but for years I set it aside to more fully devote myself to finish raising and homeschooling a bunch of kids. It wasn’t hard to set aside because it wasn’t my idea to do anyway. Plus, I still got to be involved in writing through grading and editing my kid’s papers. Then they went to college and I loved each time someone handed me a paper with that “can you take a look?” facial expression. My youngest is now in Comp I so it’s back to reminders about not starting sentences with conjunctions and not over-using commas. I love it!

Of course anyone who frequents my little blog knows I sometimes start sentences with conjunctions because I want my posts to be conversational. One editor told me years ago that there are pros and cons to writing like you talk. I’m glad that blogging encourages the pros and minimizes the cons. Smile. ‘Cuz anyone who knows me knows I definitely write like I talk.

The point of this shorter than normal post is simple: I just want to say thanks.

  • Thanks to those of you who have so warmly welcomed me back to writing — even in the little (in my case) world of blogging.
  • Thanks for your encouraging words about ways certain posts have blessed or comforted you…or made you laugh.
  • Thanks for sharing some of the posts with your Facebook friends.
  • Thanks to fellow bloggers who have liked or shared posts on your own blogs.

Writing is only fruitful if people read what you write. I started this blog primarily to chronicle experiences, memories and thoughts to publish in one of those pretty little bound books that WordPress and others make money publishing for their bloggers. There’s something in me that wants Benny’s and my grandchildren and maybe great-grandchildren to know there was someone praying for them to continue a legacy of godliness in their generation and beyond. And I wanted them to know the aunts, great-uncles and third cousins twice removed that were real, hilarious, flawed and godly people who experienced strength and grace to persevere through the same kinds of struggles they are.

But then you started reading. I admit it; knowing others are out there smiling or becoming teary-eyed or being strengthened by the road I have walked and am walking is meaningful.

So thank you for reading what I write. It’s meaningful.

I have received some requests for topics to open up on this blog — I love that! If you have any topics rolling around in your heart or mind that you would like to hear about please let me know. I know many of my readers are quite a bit younger than I and I would enjoy knowing how this older lady could continue to come alongside you as you establish your own legacy for others to follow.

Many blessings to you and yours today!

3 thoughts on “Just Wanna Say Thanks…That’s All

  1. Jake’s ideas are ridiculous. I say you add a new element by posting videos of your own cooking show called “Southern Cooking, with lots of Italian Dishes As Well.”

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