I Wanna Talk…He Wants to Watch a Movie!

Those who follow this blog know I love CCEF (Christian Counseling and Education Foundation).  I wanted to share this 15 minute video with you by David Pawlison.  I know 15 minutes is a long time when you’re used to reading 3-5 minutes reading. I really think will be helpful, though.

If you’re married, this may help you (as it did me) to better understand why God often brings opposites together in marriage — and how to navigate those times when you want to have a leisurely talk (usually the wife) and your spouse wants to unwind by watching a movie (usually the husband).

If you’re single, exposing yourself to this kind of insight can help you avoid the often unrealistic expectations about marriage.  What a blessing this can be in your future!

As Mr. Pawlison says:  “We need a vision of marriage that recognizes that marriage brings people together who, by nature, don’t know how to love.”

Wow.  What comfort.  I can only love Benny with God’s help.  Apart from Him I will love myself more than anyone!  But with God’s empowering help I’m learning to love him more.  And, yes, that means we watch more movies than I would like.  But he’s learning to talk more than he would like, too!


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