I am Loved

I am loved not because of how I look. Where I live. How clean or organized or pretty my house is.

I am loved not because of who I know or who knows me.

I am loved not because of how my kids act or whether they are godly. Mannered. Smart. Successful. Humble.

I am loved not because I’m mature or respectable.

I am loved not because I have a godly husband.

I am loved not because I exercise self-control and don’t say hurtful things that come to my mind.

I am loved not because I work hard in my home. Cook nice meals. Launder the sheets regularly.

I am loved not because I choose to give to others when I’m hurting or tired or sick and need help myself.

I am loved not because I read my Bible and worship God alone in my bedroom.

I am loved not because I do all these things consistently, because I don’t.

I am aging. Getting wrinkled. Know many women who are far more attractive than I.

I don’t know anyone “important.” Have never met a famous person. Wrote books that are now out of print. And only a handful of people will ever read this blog post. 🙂

My children do not always act as I (and God) would like. They are delightful; loving; kind to me. They are becoming men and women of character that bring me joy and who glorify God with their lives. But they sin. Do things that tempt me to be embarrassed. Disappoint me. Just as I do them.

I can be immature in my thinking and actions. Still a work in progress. Am not always respectable in my conduct and attitudes.

My husband and I both live with sinners. He is amazing. Gracious. Patient. Yet sometimes insensitive. Selfish. Proud. As am I.

I sometimes silence the choice of  self-control. Say things I regret. Have unkind, judgmental thoughts. Become resentful.

I am tempted to be lazy in my home. Choose things I want to do rather than those I ought to do. Procrastinate.

I choose not to serve. Long to be served. Quench promptings to give out of my weakness.

I sometimes skip my devotions and choose to rely on myself.

I am a mixture of godliness and sin.

Strength and weakness.

Maturity and childishness.

One day I am trusting and hopeful. The next I am fearful and discouraged. My heart is fickle.

Both joy and sorrow reside simultaneously within a heart that is gracious and critical. Humble and proud. Me-centered and others-focused.

Yet this conflicting woman is loved because He chose to set His love upon me.

I am loved not because of anything worthy in myself or because He needed me.

I am loved because before the foundation of the world He knew me. Named me. Called me. Chose me. And will fulfill His promise to complete the work He began.

I am loved on my good days and my bad. When I am industrious and when I’m lazy. When I choose to act and speak what is right, and when I sin with my attitudes and words.

I am a Christian so I am loved.

And because there is nothing I can do to make Him stop loving me I am secure.

I don’t have to prove anything to myself or others.

When I sin I can run to a throne of grace to find strength to confess my sin to Him and then to others without shame or condemnation.

I am loved because He rose from the dead, proving once and for all that His shed blood was accepted as the atoning sacrifice for me. Yes, ME!

I am loved…and soon and very soon the light and momentary difficulties of this life will be over. I will worship Him and fellowship with the cloud of witnesses (Dad, Mom, my brother, uncles, cousins, aunts, friends) in sinless abandonment.

I know I am loved because He hung naked on the cross to forever say, “There is nothing that can or will ever happen to you, in you, around you, or by you that will ever make me love you one ounce more or less than I do this day.”

I am loved. Period.

Why, Lord?  Why me?

7 thoughts on “I am Loved

  1. Ah – fresh inspiration is always like rain on a parched ground, especially when it comes from you. L.O.V.E.

  2. That so encourages my heart mom. thank you for being honest on here for me and others to get hope from. love you!

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