Help for Your (or your friend’s) Marriage

Taking a little break today from my heart musings to share something with you….

One of the areas in which Christians need to have vision, commitment and faith is in marriage. Whether you are single or married, understanding what the Bible teaches about husband and wife relationships is critical.  Why?  Because marriage was chosen above all relationships to demonstrate to the world the beauty, covenant devotion, complementarianism and leadership/submission between Christ and the church.

Benny and I have some dear friends who have a terrific blog on marriage called The Romantic Vineyard.  It’s written by a husband and wife for husbands and wives. Tom and Debi do a great job with their writing, but the good news is that they live what they “preach.”

And they provide excellent resources and ideas — along with lots of humility about their own regrets and struggles as a couple.

Please visit and mark this wonderful, homey, winsome and encouraging blog in your favorites!