Was America’s Funniest Home Videos Watching?

Yesterday I talked about needing grace for my week of reading, relaxing and spending time with the Lord.

Little did I know what my “quiet” day had in store.

While trying to lug stuff to the beach by myself, I tripped and fell. (Yep…that white metal thing in the picture is what I intended to use to screw into the sand to hold my umbrella. It went into my leg instead!) I got a pretty nasty wound, as well as some bruises and aches.

God knew when I wrote about needing grace even for a delightful few days like I had planned, He had another plan for me.

My first instinct was to call one of my kids. After all, Benny is hours away visiting his mom in Alabama so he couldn’t come to my rescue. Then I realized GOD is here with me. He knew this little accident was going to happen when I drove into the parking lot Sunday evening. He knew I would be alone and disoriented, trying to figure out what in the world just happened as I gathered two arms full of bulky belongings to drag back up to the 7th floor of the condo with dripping blood and throbbing pain.

The metal was dirty and a little rusty. When was my last tetanus shot? Do I need one? Is there a medical clinic nearby? Does the condo have a first aid kit? Wait…the door key isn’t in my bag!  How will I get back in? (Whew. I found it lying nearby. Thank the Lord!)

I stopped and asked for grace.

A few hours later I’m smiling because grace is always available for both the expected and the unexpected. And I’m picturing myself nearing 60, tripping and falling with arms loaded down with too much stuff. It was one of those scenes you hate yourself for chuckling over on America’s funniest home videos. Now I wish I had a video. Jaime and Janelle would love it and I would be laughing along with them.

I’m going to take the next few days off from blogging and will be back on Monday.  I have some really neat things to share with you about how the Lord is meeting me. He is speaking…even in the midst of falling. I am really excited about sharing these things with you.

Have a wonderful week!


4 thoughts on “Was America’s Funniest Home Videos Watching?

  1. You are NOT allowed to get a bike. It was the Lord showing you that if you trip and fall on your feet, you will fall and break a hip on a bike!

  2. Oh my Sheree. As I began reading this, I was very concerned, but by the end I was chuckling. I guess that’s how I responded to many clips in “America’s Funniest Home Videos” too. I would think “that must have hurt,” but then still found myself laughing. Thank you for laughing at your self. You might not have felt graceful when you fell, but your are a grace-filled woman of God!

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