A Sombrero and a Son that can’t Dance

Sometimes it’s good to just stop and laugh. That “good medicine” the proverbs talks about seems far away at times. Recently I realized it’s been awhile since I really, truly laughed. The kind of laugh that wells up deep inside and bubbles out. Loud.

Like Janelle and Eric. For years we teased Janelle (our fifth born) that she must find a man who laughed at least as loud as she does. Our faith was weak…until we met Eric. In fact, one of her brothers said he knew Eric was the one for Janelle the first time he heard him laugh. I was relieved to hear that his laugh was actually louder than hers! In a few weeks we will celebrate a year of hearing them laugh (loud) together.

I’m still waiting for that guffaw to come flowing from my own mouth. I came close on Saturday evening. When I noticed that 22-year-old Jake was dressed in a nice shirt and tie for a friend’s birthday outing, I was surprised. Jake enjoys getting dressed up…but for a birthday party? Hmm….surely his girlfriend, Sarah, had coached him about what to wear. But why?

Then he came out with the sombrero. Yep. That’s him. 12 years ago his oldest brother gave his groomsmen hats like this as a “thanks for being in my wedding” gift. The party Saturday night was at a place that included latin dancing, so Jake hunted down the sombrero to wear with his shirt and tie.

The humor of seeing him in the hat was compounded by picturing him dancing while wearing it. Shhh…it’s a secret. Jake, like the rest of the Phillips kids, can.not.dance. The last thing he needed on a dance floor (which he visits only infrequently) was a huge sombrero to draw attention to the fact that his parents did not begat dancers. (Sorry, kids!)

One of the many things I’ve always loved about being a mom is how entertaining kids are. If you’re a mom, stop and laugh today. And if you would like to share your funniest kid story with me, I’d love to share them here soon. Just post a comment.

Maybe one of your kids will make me laugh…loud.

P.S.  Poor Sarah. I wonder how long the sombrero lasted? I need to find out…


2 thoughts on “A Sombrero and a Son that can’t Dance

  1. Are you sitting down, mom? I am here to inform you that, not only was Sarah OK with this addition to Jake’s outfit, she also took a turn wearing it as we took the long walk to the restaurant. Yes, the sombrero made it alllll the way through the crowds to our destination. I was the one making sure there was just enough distance between us to make it look like I wasn’t with them. 🙂

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