Able. Powerful. Loving.

Two of my sons are in the Philippines (or as I said on my Facebook, in the “Philippians”) on business. When it’s nighttime here, it’s daytime there. However, in order to keep working during Orlando office hours, they are sleeping during the day and working through the night.

Minutes ago I was chatting online with Jake. Technology can be a wonderful thing, especially when it allows Mom to connect instantly with a son who is halfway around the world.

This has me thinking about prayer. I’m reminded that my Father never slumbers or sleeps, and that he is always available. I can open a chat session with him any time and know He’ll respond. During this season of my life with so many weighty things happening in my own heart and with beloved friends, I’m finding myself chatting regularly with God. How amazing that He’s never too busy for me! While leisurely times of prayer are valuable, these brief but heartfelt chats with my Father remind me of His nearness and availability.

Take this morning. I awoke like I often do these days, asking for God to heal a friend with cancer. Quickly, my pleas turn to comfort for another friend who is walking through painful situations with her children.  Soon after, I get an email from a new friend who is facing serious financial challenges, then another message from a young woman who desperately needs help dealing with a painful family relationship. As I’m driving to help out at my son’s office while he is out of the country, the Lord graciously shows me I’m struggling with unbelief that God has the power to help me with my recent bouts with self-pity.

Can you relate? Living in a broken and fallen world is just plain hard. Needs abound and there is often so little we can do.

But pray.

As I age and the situations in which those I love and I find ourselves seem to be more serious, I am finding my chat sessions with the Lord increasingly more precious. Yesterday morning there was a prophetic word in our meeting that spoke of God’s ability to help us. The message continued with this wonderful reminder: He is not only able, but He is also powerful.  And He is not only able and powerful, but He is also loving.

His ability and power are stunning! Yet we have seen demonstrations in our sin infested world that power without love can be devastating. Our sinless, glorious and sovereign God has unlimited ability and power — and fathomless love.

That’s the God who is always available to you and me. Wow. I’m going to stop and chat with Him now…just to say thanks.


What are your thoughts?

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