Two Grandsons. Two states. Two days.

Jaime was having her first “planned” baby and she was so excited. Kayla was a surprise but baby number two was an answer to her prayers. Just days later, we heard the news that Josh (my oldest) and Rachel were expecting their first! The due dates were within days of each other.

When my daughter-in-law sweetly and unexpectedly joined Josh in inviting me to El Paso, Texas for their baby’s birth I was touched. Jaime was very releasing, but her desire was for me to be in town for the birth. When both couples discovered they were having boys, we were all excited. Boy cousins just days apart…how fun!

Josh made my flight arrangements for March 24 — the very day Wyatt decided to come. Hours before I was scheduled to leave, we were in the hospital anticipating his birth. A few hours after he was born, I rushed to the airport to board my plane.

I returned from Texas to an exhausted Mommy and a sick grandson. Wyatt had several medical issues that resulted in incessant crying due to gas and reflux. Jaime, ever the student, demonstrated her love for her baby boy by researching how to help him; setting up appointments with lactation specialists and doctors; trying one natural remedy after another for gas relief; and spending countless hours cuddling, burping and comforting her baby. I watched her cry, endure sleep deprivation, battle fears of more serious undiagnosed health issues with her son, and beg God for strength.

By God’s grace, Wyatt has none of the health challenges she feared. He is a sweet, affectionate and kind little boy. Whether it’s been a few hours or a few days, every time he sees me I receive a warm greeting and hug. Those months we all spent trying to sleep in Jaime and PJ’s recliner while holding him upright (his only sleeping position) resulted in a sweet bond with this little guy. His affection, warmth, kindness to his sisters, eagerness to serve and help, and “best buds” love for Cousin JJ brings our entire extended family joy.

One day when he was about 18 months Jaime called her dad and me in tears. He was throwing a lengthy and violent tantrum and didn’t know what to do. She knew Dad and Mom had endured our share of toddler tantrums (thanks for our Jesse and Janelle). We provided what comfort and help we could, then sent her to the Lord for help. Once again, God helped her. In his short life, Wyatt was giving his mom (along with his dad and grandparents) important opportunities to trust God.

Echos of Wyatt’s anger still come out. He sometimes says mean things, flops angrily on the couch when he doesn’t get his way, or throws a toy when he’s mad. But one of the evidences that God is massaging his heart is his quickness to respond to correction and ask forgiveness…even though it’s often because he was made to.  🙂

I pray this tenderness continues, leading him to a moment when the reality of his sinfulness results in crying out for forgiveness from an eager and loving Savior.

I can’t wait to get that call.

Happy birthday Wyatt Joseph. Your Granma loves you! Looking forward to shopping with you in a couple of hours!

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