Granma’s Park

Yesterday was a beautiful Florida day. I was grateful to have some needed fun time with some of my Little People. I’ve warned you that this blog will sometimes include unapologetic Granma gushing and today is one of those days. These pics are from our picnic together at a park near my house.

One of my Granma realizations is that being with my grandchildren gives me delightful glimpses of the past. Seeing Issac out of the corner of my eye takes me back 25 years to his daddy’s toddler years…minus the temper tantrums. Capturing Danae’s little cheeks and smile in my camera lens makes my heart quicken as I see hints of my Jaime. Seeing Lauren cuddle little Amelia warms me inside because Joey’s blonde and blue-eyed signature is on her precious face.

Sometimes these whisks into former years makes me a little sad. I miss the things that use to exhaust me.

But being with them also tethers me to the present. My aging body can’t keep up with them — so my zoom lens helps me stay close up. I cherish every minute that I’m with them…but then I’m ready for them to go back home with Dad and Mom so I can recover. I love the noise; the mess; the giggles; the fingerprints on my sliding door; and hearing their parents lovingly correct them for hitting each other. Then when the house gets quiet and tidy again I’m grateful.

The future is becoming more dear to me, too. I won’t be here indefinitely. My days may be plenty or few. Yet a part of me will remain after I’m gone. Kayla Sheree is saying her first little girl, Lord willing, will also have my name like her Mommy does. JJ might be telling his children that he loves them “more than all the sidewalks and clouds and trucks in the whole wide world all put together.” Sam could have a granddaughter that people think resembles that old, faded picture of her great-great-Granma.

Yesterday I stopped thinking about the things that have been weighing me down, because there were PBnJ’s and moon pies and fish crackers and juice cups to collect for a picnic at Granma’s Park.

And, of course, pictures to take.

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