Need Your Help!

I realized yesterday how much I’m enjoying writing again. Maybe one day I’ll explain why it’s something I put aside for the past decade or so, but I’m finding peace in getting things out of my heart and into my head again. It’s kind of a fresh way of journaling.

The fact that you visit here — whether regularly or occasionally — is humbling. Thank you! I wanted to ask you to help me with something.

Can you give me some feedback? I know my life isn’t any more interesting or different than yours. But I would enjoy hearing your thoughts.

Do you enjoy personal, family stories and pictures?  (Sometimes?….smile.)

Updates and news on our new church?

Mini-series (like this week’s on finding meaning in the mundane)?

Posts that vary in topic from day to day depending on what I’m thinking about at any given moment (which could be pretty dangerous…ha)?

Are there are topics you would like to hear about as you peruse the net to find ideas or encouragement?

If you could take a minute or two to either post a comment here, email me, or send me a Facebook message I would so appreciate it!

Many blessings!



7 thoughts on “Need Your Help!

  1. Hi Sheree. I think you’re doing a great job inspiring my mornings. I love the personal stories, the Redeemer stories, and the mini-series. I think that the Holy Spirit will lead you in what you should write, so just keep writing what He places on your heart. Thank you for sharing. AM

    • Thanks Anne Marie! I appreciate the reminder to keep opening my heart. I don’t want to just write words…all our lives are full of them, aren’t they? Thanks for visiting and please let me know if you have any further thoughts or suggestions!

  2. I agree with Anne Marie. Just hearing the thoughts of your heart and what God’s taught you through 2 church plants, 7 kids, and lots more grandkids is so encouraging. I love hearing stories of God’s faithfulness and reminders of God’s truth. Keep it up 😉

    • Thank you for your thoughts. And for your unusual insight and sensitivity to an “old” lady. You have a glimpse into and perspective on my life that is rare for a young woman. Love you!

  3. I enjoy everything that you write because it comes from your heart and is filled with God’s grace. I agree with Ann Marie and Melinda. God is leading you and will continue as you listen to and rely on Him. Thank you for your labor of love. I’m not a big blog reader, but I look forward to opening up your posts each time they come through.

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