New Family: Same Legacy

On Saturday I attended the wedding of a wonderful young couple. There was much I loved about the festivities…not the least of which was seeing David marry his beautiful bride! Benny and I met David when he was about 3. He was running around a park like a crazy boy while we sat with Mike and Cindy talking about how to parent our challenging toddlers.  Only God knew that our sons would someday become dear friends who would be in each other’s weddings.

The thing that affected me most about this wedding was the love and godly legacy that is deeply embedded in both families. The bride’s twin sister was her maid of honor, while the groom’s best man was his dad. The rehearsal dinner was filled with family members from sisters to grand parents honoring David and Beth. While there was a winsome amount of family mockery, the message of this wedding was clear:  David and Beth have a godly legacy to start their own family.

In a culture where “family” too often means simply flying in to celebrate Christmas together, these families stand out as a stunning example. Like all families, they’ve had their share of challenges and trials — and the cousins, aunts and uncles, grandparents and children are spread out in various states which keeps them from spending as much time together as they would enjoy. Yet, they all clearly love each other and everyone wants to see this new marriage and family succeed.  David and Beth’s grandparents and parents said it well — the key to their joy and growth is found in glorifying and obeying God.

Every marriage starts off with glowing anticipation of a wonderful new life together. No couple was ever happier than David and Beth were yesterday. But every marriage also has struggles. This newlywed couple will doubtless be reminded soon that they, like every other couple, said “I Do” to a fellow sinner. They will have conflicts, disappoint one another, and have to remind themselves of the irresistible things that made them fall in love.

But they will have a lot of support. First, from the One who drew them together. And then from strong and loving families whose faith has been tested and who have found God to always be faithful.

Someday, Lord willing, David and Beth will become parents. Sooner than they can possibly realize (ask Mike, Cindy, Cleve and Susan) they will be the parents of the bride or groom. From what I observed this weekend, the heritage of godliness that has been passed from one generation to the next will be on display yet again.

Hmm…that will be in about 25 years when I’m in my early 80’s. How fun would it be if I could be there?  Maybe even with my camera.  I think my friend, Cindy, will look a lot like the beautiful great-grandmother you see here with her adoring grandson. Yep.  Hope I’m there.


What are your thoughts?

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