M&M’s and Fingerprints

My desire with this blog is to combine musings about what God is doing in my heart and life, along with unapologetic gushing about my family. Today is one of many Granma days.

Before my Kayla was born I thought I would be Nana. But at her birth I held her in my eager arms and found myself saying, “Your Granma loves you so much and can’t wait to get to know you.” (That’s her and me above.) So Granma I am. It’s probably my favorite name.

I don’t know how the idea came 6 years ago, but I decided to have a Valentine’s Party for my little people. That day, I told 11-month-old Wyatt and JJ (grandsons born three days apart) to promise me they would keep coming to what I hoped would be an annual party, even when they were teenaged boys. They assured me they would.  🙂

This Valentines Day a houseful of adorable, energetic kids showed up for triangle-cut sandwiches, crafts, races in the back yard and, of course, candy. As my five grandsons romped in the yard, I fast forwarded 10 years and pictured strapping young men sitting around my table with more little people yet unborn. I hope their love for Granma will help them not to pass on the Valentines Party. I promise I’ll make enough sandwiches.

Every grandmother expresses her heart-squeezing love in different ways. People have said they enjoy my pics because it’s giving them ideas. But I don’t want anyone to think a Valentines party is a standard form of Nana-Mimi-Granma love. My grandmothers never had Valentines parties for us, but we all knew they loved us.

I just noticed a pink M&M under the couch across from where I’m sitting.  I’m surprised one of the kids or the dog let that one get away. There are fingerprints on the sliding door and a couple of big trucks laying sideways in the back yard. I’ll just leave them. I wonder why grandkid clutter doesn’t bother me nearly as much as kid clutter did?

It might be because they come, have a blast and then go home, leaving only traces of themselves here.

I love them and their traces. In fact, there’s not one thing I don’t love about being Granma.


3 thoughts on “M&M’s and Fingerprints

  1. Oh Sheree, how you’ve blessed our family with this post. Part of our family’s legacy is the friendship and relationship we have had with you and Benny. Yes, you were there early on, helping us as parents to understand what to do, and what NOT to do. Your friendship has had an indelible imprint on our lives, and those of our children and grandchildren – as Stephanie and Chris are now working just as hard to train their own three. Thank you for taking such beautiful pictures that captured very special moments of this most memorable weekend. We love you, and your entire dear family! ~Mike Gilland

    • Tears…

      Mike and Cindy, you are a big reason why the Lord gave us faith to move to Orlando. Only He knows how much your family was used in our and Joey and Jesse’s lives to make Florida home to us. Your move to Gainesville was an unwelcomed surprise, but we are so glad that our friendship has grown despite the miles. THANK YOU for decades of loyal friendship, care, affection and laughs. It was pure joy to be at David’s wedding, after praying along with you for years that God would give him a wife. I loved taking pics and will share them with you soon. I took them with your “eyes” in mind, with much love and gratitude. I hope you like them.

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