Interrupting My Life to Be Normal

Over the past few months my life has been providentially barraged with weighty matters:  my daughter’s wedding, a son applying to law schools, and the birth of Redeemer Church…to name a few. I wonder if that’s why I’m finding such comfort in normal every-day-life stuff?

Cooking.  Watching Julia’s high school basketball games. Reading. Chatting with Jake about things other than law school. Walking the dog with Benny. Vacuuming. Playing angry birds on my iPad.

And spending time with my little people.

Being Granma to Kayla, Wyatt, Annie, Danae, JJ, Elsie, Eleanor, Sam, Issac, Josiah and Amelia is one of the deepest joys of my life.  In the midst of life-altering happenings I am grounded by PBnJ’s, dirty feet, poopy diapers, and chasing itsy bitsy spiders up water spouts.

Your life is full, too.  Maybe it’s a demanding job, carpooling kids around, rigorous college classes, homeschooling — or trying to juggle church and family and friendships while seeking to make your times with the Lord more consistent.  Oh, and remembering to pay the electric bill and…hmm…whose birthday was yesterday that you forgot to write down?

Can I encourage you to just pause for a moment?  What can you do today that will help you remember how small and normal you are in the midst of your looming tasks or dizzying busyness?

After a morning meeting today I’m gonna do some cooking and maybe play a few games of angry birds.

How ’bout you?


6 thoughts on “Interrupting My Life to Be Normal

  1. Dealing with a sick 3 year old and lack of sleep. Trying to keep going with homeschooling and cleaning. Thank you for the reminder to pause. Tonight I will stop and play board games with my 10 year old and her friends she is having over. Regardless of how much I have to do.

  2. Isn’t it good to know that GOD ordains our days, even when His plans don’t match ours? Caring for your sick little girl and getting ready to bless the girls tonight is way more important than anything else today. Enjoy!!!

  3. Keep it up, princess, my heart is convicted and comforted; our Lord is pleased and honored! To be there laboring with you would be joy unspeakable. Much love and prayers, Bon

  4. Thank you for once again reminding me that I am always needing to be humbled….”my kitchen does not need to be cleaned for the 5th time today, my laundry basket is half full and THAT’S OK, and that my son asking me to watch him play with his legos for a few minutes and even to participate is not being lazy and lacking responsibility.”
    I too struggle with everything appearing perfect and neglecting to ‘pause’ and appreciate all of my wonderful gifts and enjoy the sounds of my son pretending to fly a toy airplane.
    Thank you Lord for always stirring a desire to ‘pause,’ reflect and enjoy life without all the fuss all the time.

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