A Son Shows His Mom that God is Faithful

My parents were told when I was about 14 that I would never have children.  Today I have seven…and they have given me eleven precious grandchildren (so far). And I admit it. They will regularly be mentioned on this blog.  🙂

The pictures on this page underscore how adorable yet different they are. Even though they are so genetically similar, the differences are evident.  Blue eyes and brown.  Blondes, redheads and a brunette.  Straight hair and curls.  Freckles or not.

But they all have something in common other than having parents who are siblings.  They are all sinners in need of a Savior.

Amazingly, I have been able to witness each of their births.  One of my most poignant memories was the day my Josh welcomed his firstborn, Josh Jr (“JJ”) into the world . With tears streaming, he took his minutes-old son into his arms and walked away from family and medical staff to a quiet place in the room.  Our eyes met and he saw my question of whether to join them.  He agreed.

The first words my newborn grandson heard from his Daddy were these:  “Son, I love you so much.  But you are a sinner.  You have a Savior who loves you way more than I do, and I want to do everything I can to introduce you to Him.”

Some may think these words as a little strange for a first-time dad to say to his new baby.  But I felt like I was on holy ground.

In that moment the weariness and fears of motherhood became pale in comparison to the wonder of leaving a legacy for future generations.  We wondered at times, especially in his late adolescence, if Josh “got it.”  Did he really see his ongoing need for a Savior to convict and forgive him of sin?  Was the gospel something he prized or did he take his Christian upbringing for granted?

At the birth of his firstborn the biblical thinking we had seen growing in him in those recent years was on full display.

Watching God move my children’s hearts to love Him builds my faith for the next generation. But I still battle anxiety. The painful things I’ve walked through as a parent of seven tempts me to fear what lies ahead for my many grandchildren. But then I remember that day in the delivery room when JJ was born and I smile.  Whatever the future holds for my grandchildren, I know God will be faithful to them, just like He was to their parents. And the fruit will be worth whatever it takes to see it produced.

So parents, don’t give up. God will be faithful. He promises.

Lord, when my heart is tempted to fear the future, please remind me of Your faithfulness for generations.  Empower my children, and every parent who reads this post, to not give up. Give them patience and firm trust in You through the challenges of parenting. And save sinners, Lord!  For Your glory.


6 thoughts on “A Son Shows His Mom that God is Faithful

  1. Thanks for the encouragement. It’s so good to be reminded of as we’re just beginning our little family. Can’t wait to witness the faithfulness of the Lord to our children.

    • I wish I had the knowledge you do about God’s faithfulness when our fam started. It could have prevented some of the presuming, fretting and self-reliance I struggled with as a young mom. Blessings!

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