New Beginnings

It’s been a while since I did any regular writing.  Well, except in the journals that are increasingly lining the shelf in my closet and over which my children say they will bicker after I’m gone (they find most anything to compete about!).   A close friend has been encouraging me to start getting my thoughts onto paper again and she, in fact, suggested the name for this blog.

Why now?  And why “Faith Rising?”

I’m at a season of life where it seems like it’s time to slow down.  Nothing is working quite right anymore.  I need glasses for aging eyes and anti-inflammtories for aging joints.  I forget names and what commonly used household gadgets are called. Solitude invites me to steal away (which I enjoy doing at times!) while a growing family and new church lovingly require me to get even busier than ever.  The commercials say Benny and I should be anticipating retirement after all the years of being in the throes of parenting and pastoring.  Sometimes I envy those who can.

But a few months back God led my husband to start a new church, sparking many jokes about Abraham and Sarah having a “new life” at our age.  The chuckles were good medicine for my anxious heart.

Typically, I’m a planner.  But I don’t have a plan for this blog.  So to decide to start it without having all the details on paper isn’t “me.”  I don’t have a plan for how often I’ll post or the topics that will be covered. But my faith is rising.  Rising to believe that God will give Benny and me fresh vigor to care for  Redeemer Church.  Rising to continue to love and serve him, our seven children (along with their spouses, the New Kids) and eleven adorable grandchildren.  And rising to let whoever of you are interested in on my journey.

Perhaps you, too, are in a season where your faith could use some rising. Are you facing new or longterm challenges that are forcing you to trust God for things you know you can only do with His help?  Maybe it’s a chronic illness.  A hard marriage. Financial hardships.  Infertility.  A recent conflict with someone dear.  Years of unplanned singleness.  Or just the normal, daily stuff that threatens your joy or makes you wonder if God is really in control.

Let’s pray that our faith will rise together.

Lord, You know how much I need You.  But I haven’t always seen that.  In this season I know I need You.  Help me — and anyone who finds me amidst all the other bloggers — to find peace in knowing that You are faithful yesterday, today and tomorrow.  What comfort.